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Why Should A For Sale By Owner Use a Realtor?
1.     “Most buyers prefer to work with a real estate agent because the real estate agent’s services are completely free to the buyer. If a buyer is going to invest a large sum of money into the purchase of a home they typically want to work with a real estate agent to be sure they aren’t making costly mistakes. So, if a buyer is willing to give up the free services of a real estate agent and take on all of the risk and liability of shopping for a home on their own, they are doing it for one reason…they’re bargain hunting…does that make sense? Now can you see why you can actually sell your home for a higher price by using a real estate agent?”
2.     “One way a real estate agent can get a better price for your home is by helping the buyer feel more comfortable with the price they're paying. We can show the buyer comparable homes that are for sale and those that have sold to help them feel comfortable that they’re not paying too much for your home. Most buyers don’t have enough knowledge of the real estate market to know what a fair price is so they protect themselves by offering a lesser price. Can you see how being more comfortable with pricing could generate a higher price?”
3.     “Wouldn’t you agree that before a buyer makes an offer on a home that they’re going to shop and compare similar homes before they make a decision? Since most homes are listed with realtors they will probably talk with a realtor at some point. If this buyer is truly qualified, motivated and ready to buy, what are the chances that this realtor is going to let them go before doing everything they can to sell them a house? So, by selling your home yourself you’re actually competing against hundreds or thousands of full time realtors trying to make a living. Wouldn’t it make sense to have them working for you instead of against you?”
4.     “Most buyers prefer the convenience of the multi-list system vs. driving neighborhoods and searching the classified ads. They can simply input their criteria into the computer and search through hundreds of homes all from an air-conditioned office. This makes the home shopping process much easier and less time consuming. Wouldn’t you probably do the same thing? The more exposure your home gets to potential buyers the better price it will bring. Let’s get your home maximum exposure and top dollar and list your home with us today.”
5.     “Wouldn’t you agree that it can be very awkward going through someone else’s home and looking through their private areas like their closets? Because of this a buyer is much less likely to voice any objections or concerns they have about your home to you. They don’t want to be rude or offensive. However, they would bring their concerns up to their Realtor because it's not our home. Let’s say they think the dining room is too small. They probably wouldn’t say anything to you but would tell me. I’ll measure the dining room, measure their table and, of we see it will fit, I’ll close the sale. Can you see how easily this could happen? Let’s not let another buyer get away and list your home with me today.”
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